YouTube TV may drop 14 NBC Universal channels over a contract dispute

NBC Universal has warned YouTube TV subscribers that 14 of its channels may be removed, and YouTube says it will drop its monthly price by $10 if the situation isn't resolved and channels go away.

Comcast NBCUniversal is launching a Techstars-powered accelerator called LIFT Labs

Comcast NBCUniversal is getting into the startup accelerator game with a program called LIFT Labs for Entrepreneurs. The plan is to launch the first LIFT (“Leveraging Innovation For Tomorrow&#82

The Ring Of Fire: Of Pirates, Popcorn Time And Dynamic Pricing

At 36,007 feet up in the air, somewhere between Alaska and Russia, with the Aleutian Islands someplace below us, my child and I are sharing a blissful moment. My one-year-old is sleeping peacefull

Amazon’s European Netflix Competitor, LOVEFiLM, Signs TV Series Streaming Deal With NBCU

Another day, another content licensing agreement in the online streaming space. Amazon-owned LOVEFiLM, a European Netflix competitor, has signed a new streaming deal with NBCUniversal International TV

FCC Approves Comcast-NBC Universal Merger, Critics Warn Of 'Dire' Consequences

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/fcccomcast.gif" />Not only does <a HREF="http://www.crunchgear.com/2011/01/18/littlebigplanet-2-review-round-up-pretty-much-universal-acc

Not A DONE Deal: NBC Agrees To Sell Women.com, Backs Away, Gets Sued

<p style="text-align:center;"><img class="aligncenter" src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/nbc-uni.png" alt="" /></p> <a href="http://www.done.com">DONE! Ventures</a>, a Manhattan Bea

Hulu Versus TV Everywhere: What Happens After The Comcast-NBC Merger Is Complete?

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/trafficirclesign.jpg"> The pending <a href="https://techcrunch.com/2009/12/03/comcast-ge-nbc-universal/">$30 billion merger</a> of Comcast an

NBC's Meet The Press Gets An iPhone App Courtesy Of Zumobi

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/meet-the-press.png" class="shot2">Just in time for the passing of the U.S. government's massive health care legislation, NBC is launching a br

Done Deal: Comcast Takes Over NBC Universal

<img src="http://tctechcrunch.files.wordpress.com/2009/12/comcast-nbc-215x114.jpg" width="215" height="114" /><a href="http://www.comcast.com/">Comcast</a> and <a href="http://www.ge.com/">General Ele

Wow, That Was Fast. NBC Looking To Patch Things Up With Apple.

Barely a month after taking most of its videos off of iTunes and going home, NBC is ready to play again. In a story about NBC CEO Jeff Zucker, the Financial Times reports: Mr Zucker appears to have pa

AT&T May Censor Copyrighted Materials At The ISP Level

I’m often reminded of the Monty Python line “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” as being the perfect analogy for the unexpected, so its apt that I use it here because it looks l

Forget the SanDisk Deal, NBC Direct Will Soon Have Free Downloads in HD

While NBC Universal is making deals left and right to try to make up for the fact that it is no longer distributing its digital TV shows through iTunes, don’t get distracted by all the small-fry

NBC pulls YouTube channel

Seems NBC Universal isn’t getting along with anyone these days. With no announcement whatsoever, NBC has pulled its channel from YouTube.com. Sources say that NBC will concentrate its efforts on

NBC Universal And MobiTV Announce Mobile TV On Demand Service

NBC Universal has announced they will be providing on-demand mobile TV content in conjunction with MobiTV for the US market. Primetime NBC shows like The Office and Heroes will soon be available on yo