• The Ring Of Fire: Of Pirates, Popcorn Time And Dynamic Pricing Crunch Network

    The Ring Of Fire: Of Pirates, Popcorn Time And Dynamic Pricing

    At 36,007 feet up in the air, somewhere between Alaska and Russia, with the Aleutian Islands someplace below us, my child and I are sharing a blissful moment. My one-year-old is sleeping peacefully and I finally have an opportunity to catch up on Game of Thrones. I’m four episodes behind, and I need to see what happened in that trial by combat. Read More

  • Amazon’s European Netflix Competitor, LOVEFiLM, Signs TV Series Streaming Deal With NBCU

    Amazon’s European Netflix Competitor, LOVEFiLM, Signs TV Series Streaming Deal With NBCU

    Another day, another content licensing agreement in the online streaming space. Amazon-owned LOVEFiLM, a European Netflix competitor, has signed a new streaming deal with NBCUniversal International TV Distribution to further bolster its catalogue of content. LOVEFilm subscribers will now be able to enjoy on-demand access to “hundreds” of episodes of U.S. TV series. Read More

  • FCC Approves Comcast-NBC Universal Merger, Critics Warn Of 'Dire' Consequences

    Not only does LittleBigPlanet 2 come out today, but the FCC pproved the merger between Comcast and NBC Universal. Will the two companies use their combined powers for good and not evil? A healthy skepticism may be in order. Read More

  • Not A DONE Deal: NBC Agrees To Sell Women.com, Backs Away, Gets Sued

    DONE! Ventures, a Manhattan Beach, California-based Internet marketing and publishing firm, is slapping NBC Universal with a lawsuit after a domain name sales deal went awry. DONE! CEO Ben Padnos claims NBC Universal accepted an offer to sell the domain names Women.com and Women.net for $1 million, only to have President & CEO Jeff Zucker overrule and block the transaction after the… Read More

  • Hulu Versus TV Everywhere: What Happens After The Comcast-NBC Merger Is Complete?

    Hulu Versus TV Everywhere: What Happens After The Comcast-NBC Merger Is Complete?

    The pending $30 billion merger of Comcast and NBC-Universal is going to complicate things for Hulu, the second most popular online video site after YouTube. Hulu is a joint venture between NBC, News Corp/Fox, and (since last year) Disney/ABC. It was created by the TV networks as a counterweight to YouTube, a safe place where they could run their full-length TV shows online with their own… Read More

  • NBC's Meet The Press Gets An iPhone App Courtesy Of Zumobi

    Just in time for the passing of the U.S. government’s massive health care legislation, NBC is launching a branded iPhone app for one of its key political news shows. NBC’s popular political and public affairs show “Meet the Press with David Gregory” is getting a free iPhone app today, which was created by branded content app developer Zumobi. You can download the app here. Read More

  • Done Deal: Comcast Takes Over NBC Universal

    Comcast and General Electric announced early this morning that they agreed to form a joint venture that will be 51 percent owned by Comcast and 49 percent by GE. The joint venture, which will consist of the NBC Universal businesses and Comcast’s cable networks, regional sports networks and more, will be managed by the newly formed Comcast Entertainment Group (CEG). GE will contribute to… Read More

  • Wow, That Was Fast. NBC Looking To Patch Things Up With Apple.

    Barely a month after taking most of its videos off of iTunes and going home, NBC is ready to play again. In a story about NBC CEO Jeff Zucker, the Financial Times reports: Mr Zucker appears to have patched up relations with Apple after a pricing dispute last year led NBC to pull its shows from the iTunes digital media store. “We’ve said all along that we admire Apple, that we want… Read More

  • AT&T May Censor Copyrighted Materials At The ISP Level

    I’m often reminded of the Monty Python line “Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition” as being the perfect analogy for the unexpected, so its apt that I use it here because it looks like what you download online in the United States could soon be monitored and blocked (presuming it breaches copyright) if new plans by AT&T are implemented. At a panel discussion at the… Read More

  • Forget the SanDisk Deal, NBC Direct Will Soon Have Free Downloads in HD

    While NBC Universal is making deals left and right to try to make up for the fact that it is no longer distributing its digital TV shows through iTunes, don’t get distracted by all the small-fry announcements. For instance, today it announced that it would make NBC shows available to SanDisk for its new Sansa TakeTV/Fanfare service. Is anyone going to buy a USB TV device from SanDisk? Read More

  • NBC pulls YouTube channel

    Seems NBC Universal isn’t getting along with anyone these days. With no announcement whatsoever, NBC has pulled its channel from YouTube.com. Sources say that NBC will concentrate its efforts on Hulu, a joint venture with News Corp that is going into private beta soon. Hulu is supposed to be a direct competitor with YouTube that comes directly from the studios with shows. Users will be… Read More

  • NBC Universal And MobiTV Announce Mobile TV On Demand Service

    NBC Universal has announced they will be providing on-demand mobile TV content in conjunction with MobiTV for the US market. Primetime NBC shows like The Office and Heroes will soon be available on your mobile phone. A slew of other NBCU channels, including USA, Bravo, SCI FI, Telemundo and mun2, will offer ad-supported programming. MobiTV will also have several ad-supported on demand shows… Read More