Here’s how to kick nazis off your Twitter right now

While you wait for Twitter to roll out "more aggressive" rules regarding hate speech, which CEO Jack Dorsey promised are coming within "weeks" as of late Friday, here's a quick workaround to kick naz

Goats Go To War: Kickstarter Project Aims To Keep A Programmer Housed And Fed

It's hard out there for a goat. You're relegated to the background in many RPG games, chewing morosely while adventurers and soldiers light out for the darkened corners of the World, fighting dragons,

Tip of the Day: On Scarlett Johansson's success and nuptials

A charming soul sent us this note as a reaction to a story about young Scarlett Johansson getting married to Ryan Reynolds. While to many this would be a happy occasion, we can be assured that Ryan wi

Papercraft Nazi Enigma Machines

[photopress:slots.jpg,full,center] When I was first learning about encryption and encoding, I was fascinated by the Nazi’s Enigma Machine. This device confounded Allied forces in the early days