N97 Mini

  • The Nokia N97 Mini is finally official, existence still in question

    Well, look at that. The Nokia N97 Mini really does exist for some odd reason. The Mini is basically a N97 photocopied at 90%. The screen shrunk to 3.2-inches from 3.5, and the whole bezel is just a tad smaller. But it’s not like the original N97 was a hog. So we’re still wondering why Nokia spent all those resources on such a phone. Ah well.[PSGallery=3aydpeinwk] Read More

  • Nokia N97 Mini promo shot gets leaked

    We haven’t been posting too much about the N97 Mini, mainly because we think the fact that it exists is a bit silly. We feel that there’s plenty of stuff Nokia could be doing that would be better than remaking the same phone 2-3% smaller. It’s tough to write about it without sounding bitter, and no one likes a bitter blogger – so we’ve just been avoiding… Read More