• CrunchDeals: Unlocked Nokia N96 for $450

    If you’re down with the unlocked cell phone movement, you can get a new Nokia N96 for $450 today — on sale, presumably, to make way for the impending N97. Read More

  • There's an incredibly expensive Bruce Lee-branded Nokia N96 floating around out there

    Nokia has released a Bruce Lee edition of the N96. What makes it a so Bruce Lee? How about a photo of the man on the case, along with his signature, and a bunch of photos included in the package. It’s only available in Hong Kong, so don’t bother driving over to the mall to grab one. Oh, it’s also incredibly expensive, coming in at around $1,280. You could buy a used POS car… Read More

  • N96 and N78 get Fring support

    Bummed out because the N78 doesn’t offer VoIP compatability right out of the box? Fear not – Fring has got you covered. Apparently using their own VoIP client rather than the Nokia-made client (which Nokia decided not to build into the latest N-series devices) required by other services, Fring has added support for both the N78 and the N96. If you’ve got an N78 or by some sort… Read More

  • Nokia N96 now shipping: Who *doesn't* want one, really?

    The Nokia N96 is now shipping, for the before-subsidy (if you find any) price of 550 Euros, or about $794. An $800 cellphone? I guess that’s why Nokia is wisely calling it a “multimedia computer.” To be fair, just looking at the specs sorta makes me say, “iPhone, what’s that?” Built-in 5-megapixel camera and 16GB memory (expandable to 24GB with microSD… Read More

  • No VoIP for Nokia's N78?

    While Nokia has typically included VoIP functions in many of its smart phones—much to the chagrin of carriers—it looks like the top handset maker may be changing its stance, and removing VoIP on some of its new N-series handsets. Gigaom reported that the N78 is not VoIP compatible and when they asked Nokia why, the company replied: “Nokia Nseries is committed VoIP services… Read More

  • Nokia N96 on sale this September (in UK, at least)

    A British cellphone carrier has confirmed that the Nokia N96 will be released there in September. This isn’t a rumor, or from some guy who knows some guy or anything, but comes from a “Christmas in July” event held all the way in the UK. The mobile operator is 3, by the way. At current exchange rates, Americans should be prepared to fork over quite a bit of cash to nab this… Read More

  • N96 demo site up and running

    The N96 – which is similar to the N95 but is one more better – has finally gotten its own special Flash-based web-tour. It goes into all the dirty details regarding GPS, music playback, and Internet browsing but sadly leaves out the cool bloopy music we’re used to when we see these sorts of tours. Nothing amazingly exciting but if you’re a Nokiard you might get a kick… Read More

  • Video: Italians fondle Nokia N96 for 10 whole minutes

    I’m not going to watch this whole thing, but the N96 sure looks purdy. It better be since Cellulare-Magazine.it takes an entire 10 minutes to profess its love for the upcoming Nok. Read More

  • New Nokia N-Series: N96 and N78

    Here comes Nokia out of the gate with a set of two N-Series devices, the N96 and the N78. Both of these should be available in the U.S., so that’s the first plus, and they’re priced at a premium, so that’s the first minus. The N78 (350 euros or about $400) has a 3.2-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and support for microSD. It has A-GPS for geotagging and supports… Read More