• Myka ION brings Intel Atom and ION graphics into the living room

    Think of the Myka ION as a nettop built for your HDTV. The little media streamer utilizes an 1.6 GHz Intel Atom 330 CPU and an NVIDIA ION GPU to provide your TV with quality high-definition content. Actually, the Myka ION is more computer than dedicated media playback device, which is good thing. Well, a Linux-powered computer with Boxee and XBMC installed, that is. Read More

  • Myka BitTorrent set-top box now has a legal source of 5,000 movies in EZTakes

    So, Myka. Remember what it does? Right, it’s a little set-top-box that plays high-def videos on your [presumably larger than your computer monitor] TV; it can download using BitTorrent right onto its built-in hard drive. That, or you can manually load previously downloaded videos onto it via a thumb drive or through a network. Oh, and now it plays “independent, foreign and cult… Read More

  • Huzzah! The Myka Torrent-box is shipping

    A reader received a note from Myka, makers of the bittorrent downloading TV box. It states: We planned to start shipping the product last summer, but unfortunately we were caught up in the largest financial crisis in the last 70 years. Despite a tremendous response (we had over 150,000 visitors to the website, 600 news articles and a healthy backlog of sales), we were unable to close the… Read More

  • Myka= Bit Torrent on your TV

    Myka is a nifty little device that comes in 80, 160 or 500GB units that connects directly to the Internet and your TV. The Bit Torrent protocol is built-in so it automagically downloads your videos or you can transfer videos from your desktop/laptop. Sort of like Sling, you can access your Myka from anywhere so long as you have an Internet connection. Prices range from $299 to $459 and are… Read More