mugen pop pop

  • Review: Bandai's Mugen Pop Pop

    As my brother said, “this is an tendinitis nightmare” or something like that. It’s quite addicting but it takes a bit of effort to actually get the fake bubbles to pop. I don’t see little kids over the age of 8 having the finger strength to play with this for very long. The texture of the bubbles is surprisingly similar to that of bubble wrap, though. And who… Read More

  • Mugen Pop Pop: America finally gets one of these wacky Japanese gadgets

    The problem with some of the Japanese gadgets I am blogging about is that they either never become available outside Japan or can only be bought through specialized import shops. But now Bandai America decided to bring its Mugen Puchi Puchi bubble wrap bubble pop simulator to the US. Time to celebrate. The toy, which has been renamed to Mugen Pop Pop in America, features a speaker that… Read More