• DIY Browser Themes – Make It So with BrandThunder: Engage

    Brand Thunder, the site that allows you to skin your browser, is rolling out a slick new theme creation utility called BT:Engage, which allows anyone to easily build and share interactive browser themes. The entire process is web-based with real-time previews of themes as you build them. It’s a little rough around the edges right now, but the long-term plan is to have a sophisticated… Read More

  • MSIE6, blah blah blah

    Sweet merciful fates, the continued existence and use of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 is getting as much publicity as the Linux-vs-Windows debate. If you’re interested in this story, and we all know you’re interested or these stories wouldn’t keep popping up, there’s an interesting examination of the reasons for MSIE6’s prolonged existence online for your perusal. Read More

  • Use Internet Explorer, says Microsoft, but stop using IE6

    So Google got hacked, or something, by cyber criminals in China, and Microsoft has acknowledged that their Internet Explorer browser was part of the problem. Specifically, Interent Explorer version 6 was part of the problem, and Microsoft is quick to point out that version 8 is much better, and much more secure. Cliff Evans, Microsoft’s Head of Security and Privacy in the UK, further… Read More