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Redbox to rent Blu-Ray discs for $1

Redbox, the company that runs the dollar-per-day DVD rental kiosks at grocery stores around the country, is apparently going to start renting Blu-Ray discs.  According to TVPredictions the Blu-Ray di

'Take Two' Apple TV update unhooked from its leash

It’s here! Hot damn, it’s here! I don’t own an Apple TV but I saw one in an Apple store once. It looked so awesome. Anyway, the new update is here. Check for the Software Update opti

Netflix goes Blu-ray, tells HD DVD 'it's not you, it's me'

This just in: HD DVD is in trouble, much to the chagrin of our own intrepid HD DVD-lover Devin Coldewey. According to a Reuters report, Netflix said that it’ll be offering Blu-ray DVDs exclusive

Fifth-gen iPods no workie with iTunes movie rentals?

I’ll be honest, Apple is starting to weird me out a little bit. I picture Steve Jobs like the paranoid Mr. Burns in that Simpsons episode where he owns the casino and he stops shaving and starts

Apple TV high-def movies are rental only, not for sale

iPod Observer recently spoke with someone at Apple and was able to get a little more information about renting HD movies using the new Apple TV software. The basic gist is that HD movies can only be r