• The random endorsement: modchips

    Let me take you back to 2002/03. I was 16, wise beyond my years for reasons outside of my control, and some type of gamer. An Xbox man. During the week I’d do all my homework, but once Friday afternoon rolled around, all bets were off. Whether it was Final Fantasy 94 or the FPS du jour, I couldn’t be bothered to do anything else. It was a cozy little setup, comfortable in its… Read More

  • Wii Firmware Update Breaks Freeloader Disc, Nintendo Can't Be Bothered

    A firmware update for the Nintendo Wii rendered Datel’s Freeloader disc completely useless yesterday. Freeloader lets users play imported games on the GameCube and, until yesterday, the Wii. Following the update, the Freeloader… she is dead. Yup, now gamers who want to play imported GameCube titles on their Wii will have to get one of those warranty-voiding… Read More

  • Wii Hacked?

    Not sure what to make of this, but the Inquirer is reporting that a group calling themselves The Ninja Team has created a modchip for the Wii that can play backed-up games. It’s apparently a 5-point soldered chip and will be available in the next month. I feel like calling bull on this, but we shall see. Wii hacked to play backups [TheInquirer] Read More

  • CrunchGear Review: DS-Xtreme

    The DS-Xtreme is a 512MB cartridge that allows you to play game backups and music, and allows you to run hombrew applications on your Nintendo DS. It fits right into the cartridge slot of your Nintendo DS, and even has customizable colored LEDs to give your DS some extra pep. The DS-X is as simple as it claims to be, all you have to do is connect the it to your computer via USB then drag and… Read More