• Updated: Spoonfed launches events app for the iPhone as TimeOut freelancer appeals for free developers

    It looks like the guys at Spoonfed have stolen a march on Time Out and other event guides with the release of their iPhone app, the Spoonfed Events Radar, available free from the App Store as of today. The launch is the first step of the startup company’s mobile strategy which extends the Spoonfed events listings database to the mobile platform, making it easier for Londoners to find… Read More

  • 3 Pushing Yahoo! Go in Mobile Internet Tie-Up

    This morning’s paper featured something interesting: a full page ad for 3 featuring the Nokia N73 with the Yahoo! Go application front and centre. 3 has certainly been daring where others fear to tread, recently launching a partnership with Skype, and now Yahoo! One wonders how this meshes with 3’s over-all content strategy since the Yahoo! Go application essentially makes the… Read More

  • ShoZu 3.0 to launch soon with ZuCasts

    In the world of Mobile Web 2.0 applications, ShoZu has been an early winner. When it was launched last October, it was the first widely distributed application to support Photo sharing directly from the mobile. and promotion on Flickr and other sites gave it an early boost. Cognima CTO Andy Tiller wowed the attendees of Mobile Monday London in March of this year with a live demo of ShoZu… Read More

  • Juicy pinppl is Refreshing Mobile Social Networking Morsel

    In the burgeoning world of mobile-social communities, you’ve got to have a differentiator. Pinppl (pronounced by some as”pineapple,” though definitively pronounced “PIN People” by its founder, Paul Anthony) delivers the goods by building a community exclusive to Blackberry users, all based around the ubiquitous Blackberry PIN. The PIN is Blackberry’s own… Read More