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  • Troll Sues Groupon, Yelp Over Mobile Commerce Patent

    Troll Sues Groupon, Yelp Over Mobile Commerce Patent

    Yelp and Groupon are both being sued by a company called Mobile Commerce Framework, an obscure patent troll that earlier filed a similar patent infringement suit against Foursquare. On April 6, 2010, Mobile Commerce Framework (MCF) was issued US Patent No. 7,693,752 by the USPTO, for reasons unknown to mankind. In summary, this patent describes: (After the jump) Read More

  • They Grow Up So Fast – Foursquare Hit With Its First Patent Infringement Suit

    It’s part of the ritual for tech companies who achieve a certain status in the world this day and age, whether riding solely on the waves of hype or by making a ton of money, to get targeted by trigger-happy patent owners at one point or another. Well, Foursquare, today’s the day. Foursquare Labs, Inc., the company behind the popular check-in service, has been slapped with its… Read More