Video: A Nintendo Wii tune put to dance

Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the Mii channel theme through the eyes of a dancer.

Immortalize your Mii as a sculpture for $75

Now you can have your Mii character come to life! Keep in mind that you, yourself, are the real live version of your Mii character, though. But if the thought of taking the real live version of yourse

MyCybertwin Software: Create an Online Version of Yourself To Annoy Your Friends, Family

An Australian company just released software that acts as your online doppelganger. Called MyCybertwin, the software serves as a go-between between friends, customers, well wishers, etc. and your onli

Nintendo Mii's=Big Business

Who says the Wii isn’t the most popular gaming console right now? The Wii was once again the most sold and sought after console in February and now, apparently, Mii’s are big business. Maybe I’m

Mii Transfer X: Swap Them Miis

Apparently, people are getting really into their Nintendo Mii creations lately. So much, that someone has released Mii Transfer X 0.1, a Mii-sharing tool that works on OS X. Basically, it lets you cop

The Mii Generation

Who needs actors when Nintendo has millions of Mii characters to do the work for them? Beginning next week Nintendo of America will be rolling out a new round of Wii commercials featuring the popular