• New Services Shown at SearchChamps

    I am visiting Microsoft HQ in Redmond this week for their SearchChamps event. Attendance requires the signing of an nondisclosure agreement, and most of what is discussed is non-bloggable. However, the trade off is that we see stuff that is still being developed in the labs (some of it isn’t even at the demo-stage yet). A few of the services, however, are close to launch and are not… Read More

  • More Info on Microsoft "Expo" Beta

    Microsoft has renamed its Fremont project to “Expo” and have put up a landing page, complete with a request for email once it launches. They have also included a screenshot: The Expo team, led by Garry Wiseman, has also posted information about the service, which will be tightly integrated with MSN Messenger and MSN Spaces. Listings will be free: What it is
    An online marketplace… Read More

  • Microsoft "Fremont" to Launch

    Microsoft will be beta launching a new web 2.0 service under the brand in the next few weeks. The final name is TDB, but the current project name is “Fremont” and the URL will redirect once its fully live. I had a chance to see a demo of the product – it’s very cool and will definitely shake things up. Read More