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This is a real life Transformer

The J-deite RIDE transformers from a vehicle to a robot just like the Megazord from Voltron. Specific information about the creation is a bit sketchy but the YouTube channel states it’s an elect

Tina Fey Mocks Michael Bay’s CES Bomb At The Golden Globes

The CES has made it to the big time! Or the Golden Globes, at least. Consumer electronics have become much easier to sell since the first CES was held in 1967 and there's been a lot of discussion abou

Bay hates Dinobots, probably won't be included in Transformers 3

Bay drops a gaggle of Transformers 2 "Fun Facts" and he's not quitting the franchise

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/ravage.jpg" alt="" />So that's Ravage in case you were wondering. I thought it was Voltron at first. Anyway, <i>the</i> Bay posted a list

Michael Bay says Transformers 3 coming in 2012, not 2011

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/24819bpthe-simpsons-homer-d-oh-posters.jpg" alt="" />False Alarm, kids. Paramount made a boo boo last night. <blockquote>I said I was

Transformers II countdown begins

June 26, 2009 is the day the battle continues. I just hope Megan Fox is in it, again.

Michael Bay knew Blu-ray was gonna win all along

[photopress:tf3.jpg,full,center] Just a friendly “told you so” from Michael Bay to all y’all. Bay, whose movies have brought perpetual peace to Earth, was a vocal proponent of the Bl

That whole Microsoft HD DVD/Blu-ray/Kennedy Assasination thing? Crap.

Thank you, Michael Bay, for not totally ruining Transformers for us. Actually, it kinda kicked ass. And thank you again for stirring up Internet crapstorms about secret Microsoft conspiracies to kill

Director Michael Bay says HD DVD/Blu-ray war (and market confusion) encouraged by Microsoft

A scam, apparently What does Transformers (and Pearl Harbor…) director Michael Bay think about the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war? Oh, you know, that it’s all Microsoft’s doing: Microsoft