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  • Tina Fey Mocks Michael Bay’s CES Bomb At The Golden Globes

    Tina Fey Mocks Michael Bay’s CES Bomb At The Golden Globes

    The CES has made it to the big time! Or the Golden Globes, at least. Consumer electronics have become much easier to sell since the first CES was held in 1967 and there’s been a lot of discussion about how important the event still is to the tech industry, even for top hardware makers. As TechCrunch’s John Biggs wrote just before last week’s event “It’s as if the… Read More

  • Bay hates Dinobots, probably won't be included in Transformers 3

    I liked the Dinobots as a kid and wouldn’t mind seeing them in the third Transformers movie, but who am I kidding? I’m still unhappy with Prime’s moving lips. And for the record, I thought Revenge of the Fallen was entertaining even though Sam ends up in Prime heaven. Anyway, comicbookmovie.com is reporting that Bay was quoted in Empire’s September issue with the following: Read More

  • Bay drops a gaggle of Transformers 2 "Fun Facts" and he's not quitting the franchise

    So that’s Ravage in case you were wondering. I thought it was Voltron at first. Anyway, the Bay posted a list of “Fun Facts” about the upcoming Transformers sequel on his blog the other day and I felt the need to share with the rest of you nerds. It’s actually a pretty interesting list. For example, Transformers 1 took up 20TB of space and Revenge of the Fallen takes… Read More

  • Michael Bay says Transformers 3 coming in 2012, not 2011

    False Alarm, kids. Paramount made a boo boo last night. I said I was taking off a year from Transformers. Paramount made a mistake in dating Transformers 3 – they asked me on the phone – I said yes to July 4 – but for 2012 – whoops! Not 2011!!! That would mean I would have to start prep in September. No way. My brain needs a break from fighting robots. Michael Read More

  • Transformers II countdown begins

    June 26, 2009 is the day the battle continues. I just hope Megan Fox is in it, again. Read More

  • Michael Bay knew Blu-ray was gonna win all along

    [photopress:tf3.jpg,full,center] Just a friendly “told you so” from Michael Bay to all y’all. Bay, whose movies have brought perpetual peace to Earth, was a vocal proponent of the Blu-ray format, so much so that he threatened to walk out of Transformers 2 if Transformers was only released on HD DVD, a statement he later retracted. Said Bay, “Am I thrilled? It really… Read More

  • That whole Microsoft HD DVD/Blu-ray/Kennedy Assasination thing? Crap.

    Thank you, Michael Bay, for not totally ruining Transformers for us. Actually, it kinda kicked ass. And thank you again for stirring up Internet crapstorms about secret Microsoft conspiracies to kill both Blu-Ray and HD-DVD. We’re calling “no way”, and so is Ars Technica, though they put it far more eloquently than I do. Microsoft wants HD-DVD, a format it’s backed with… Read More

  • Director Michael Bay says HD DVD/Blu-ray war (and market confusion) encouraged by Microsoft

    A scam, apparently What does Transformers (and Pearl Harbor…) director Michael Bay think about the HD DVD/Blu-ray format war? Oh, you know, that it’s all Microsoft’s doing: Microsoft wants both formats to fail so they can be heroes and make the world move to digital downloads…. That is the dirty secret no one is talking about. That is why Microsoft is handing out… Read More