How Echo Look could feed Amazon’s big data fueled fashion ambitions

This week Amazon took the wraps off a new incarnation of its Alexa voice assistant, giving the AI an eye so it can see as well as speak and hear. The Echo Look also contains a depth sensor that's bein

Brexit one month on: currency lows and talent fear

How are UK startups coping with the unraveling of the old world order? In the immediate aftermath of the Brexit vote, TechCrunch spoke to several founders who expressed shock, disappointment and conce

Virtual Fitting Room Startup Metail Raises Further $12M — Shunning UK VC Money Along The Way

"To be brutally honest, I'm not enamoured with the UK VC scene and don't rate it very much if at all from a technology business success perspective," says Tom Adeyoola, co-founder and CEO of Metail. "

Metail, The UK Virtual Fitting Room Startup, Raises Further £2.6M As It Stretches London’s Tech City

<a target="_blank" href="">Metail</a>, the UK-based virtual fitting room startup, has raised £2.6 million in "growth funding", as it gets ready to move into a new 6,000 square foot

Virtusize Brings Its Virtual Fitting Solution To The UK, Signs Deal With Fashion Retailer ASOS

There are an abundance of startups trying to solve the problem of how to "try on" clothes online, with a range of different approaches and technology. Today, <a target="_blank" href="http://www.virtus

As Seen On TV: Virtual Fitting Room Metail Gets Dressed Up For ITV’s This Morning

<a target="_blank" href="">Metail</a>, the virtual fitting room startup, has scored somewhat of a coup. Kicking off today, it's partnering with the UK television broadcaster ITV as p

Metail, The Virtual Fitting Room You’ve Probably Never Heard Of, Partners With Warehouse, Shop Direct, Following Tesco Trial

Likened to a <a href="">space race</a>, there are a whole bunch of startups trying to solve the probl