• Twisty memory from NIST

    This flash memory from the National Institute of Standards and Technology is completely flexible and can fit under human tissue or against organs and that can scan and report back on your health status. The best part? They did a little video with dancing people in it. The memory can also act as a “memristor,” leading to possible implementations in artificial intelligence and… Read More

  • Top ten tech, according to Wired

    Priya Ganapati over at Wired posted a top ten list of tech breakthroughs in 2008 including flexible displays, Michael Phelps swimming pants, and memristor. We at CG haven’t really followed the “big” science, focusing instead on stuff you and I can buy right now in stores or overseas. But it is fun to take a look at the man behind the curtain, as it were, and posit future uses… Read More

  • HP develops memristor: Memory that goes beyond 0s and 1s

    HP went ahead it developed itself a memristor, an, until now, theoretical electrical circuit that’s able to store binary values (0 and 1) and intermediate steps in between. Size is one of the many benefits of HP’s memristor, which the company says can be used to create dense memory chips. And, since it’s not limited merely to binary, the memristor would be ideal for… Read More

  • HP creates atomic memory

    HP Labs has built a “memristor,” a nanoscale component that can store data without power. It is far denser than current hard drives and faster than RAM memory. The components can function in digital model, on/off, or analog mode in which they’re set to a specific value. The unlikely invention of the memristor took about 40 years. It started in the early 1970s when… Read More