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  • The new AMEX DIGITAL HD Media Player Venice-V38HD, it has a 2TB HDD

    Think the world has enough media streamers? Hells no. There is definitely room for the AMEX DIGITAL Venic-V38HD with it’s 2TB storage. The trapezoidal media player does about everything. It streams all major file formats off a local network (including AVI’s, Moxi), plays media files off USB drives, has a DVD/CD player – that’s about it. The only thing missing is a… Read More

  • Review: Zv-100 ZvBox

    There hasn’t been a gadget that I was initially interested about more than the ZvBox. In my world of 250 press releases a week and thousands of random gadgets, that’s something. The device hijacks a QAM channel over your home’s coax network and streams digital media through it. Since most people already have coax ran, at lease close to their HDTVs, the concept is solid. Read More