Medal of Honor

With Sequel Confirmed, What Does The Next Medal Of Honor Need To Do To Distinguish Itself?

<img src="" />Danger Close, the developers of last year’s <a HREF="

Medal Of Honor: $39.99 On Amazon Today

<img src="" />You'll recall that <a HREF="">Amazon</a> (and several <a HREF="http://www.crunchgear.

Is There Any Morality In Sitting On Your Couch And Playing Virtual Soldier?

<img src="" />We're just about two weeks away from the launch of <a HREF="">Call o

Medal Of Honor Certainly Tries Very Hard

<img src="" />We can safely say the Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (I’ve always considered Medal of Honor: Frontline to be a console rem

Why Haven't The Big Games Sold Well Recently?

<img src="" />A couple of big games came out in September, and it turns out that several of them haven't met various sales expectatio

SteelSeries Adds Medal Of Honor Editions Of Xai Mouse, Shift Keyboard (And More)

<img src="" />Taking advantage of the hype (if not <a HREF="

EA On Defensive After So-So Medal Of Honor Reviews

<img src="" />Yikes. A quick trip to Metacritic (a site I usually loathe, but it's helpful right now) reveals that EA's <a HREF="http://ww

Medal Of Honor: The First Reviews Are In (And They're Sorta Mixed)

<img src="" />EA's <a HREF="">Medal of Honor</a> is available today, and the very first review

Days Before Medal Of Honor Release, Modern Warfare 2 & Map Packs On Sale On Steam

<img src="" />A certain video game that <a HREF="

Taliban Name Removed From EA's Medal Of Honor, Changed To ‘Opposing Force’

<img src="" />Well, there it is. <a HREF="">EA</a> has announced that it's changing the name of “the bad

Medal of Honor Now Most Pre-Ordered Medal of Honor In History of Medal of Honor

<img src="" />All this negative attention? Apparently not have a <i>negative impact</i>. EA's upcoming <a HREF="http://www.crunch

Video: Medal of Honor Objective Raid trailer

I don’t care if Medal of Honor is a MW2 clone. I’m still going to give it an entire weekend when it comes out.

Medal Of Honor Goes Open Beta To Prove EA's Patriotism. For Real.

<img src="" />EA will host a three-day <a HREF=""><i>Medal of Honor</i></a> open beta (PC ve

Medal Of Dis-Honor? Pressure Mounts On EA Over Role Of Taliban In Game, British Defense Secretary Calls For Ban

<img src="" />As expected, EA’s <a HREF=""><i>Medal of Honor</i></a> is coming und

But will people who are tired of FPSs like Medal of Honor?

<img src="" />Imagine my surprise earlier this week when I found “Medal of Honor Beta” in my Steam Library What?! I didn’t pre-order

Video: Medal of Honor multi-player beta videos

<img src="" /><a HREF=""><i>Medal of Honor</i></a>, also known as <i>Modern Warfare With

Video: Medal of Honor trailer reveals upcoming beta

<img src="" />A new trailer just posted to the <a HREF=""><i>Medal of Honor</i></a

Medal of Honor coming at you on October 15

<img src="" />We now have a release date for the new <a HREF=""><i>Medal of Honor</i></a> (th

Former Infinity Ward dudes form new studio for EA

<img src="" />You'll recall that the two bigwigs at Infinity Ward, Jason West and Vince Zampella, <a HREF="

First screenshots of Medal of Honor sure do look familiar…

Fresh from EA, here’s the very first screenshots of Medal of Honor, currently scheduled for release this fall. It’s quite modern, if you catch my drift.
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