Apple Acquired Matcha Because It Got The Recommendation Recipe Right

News broke that Apple had acquired Matcha, a video programming recommendation site, earlier this week. It's not surprising, despite the company's relative unknown status and small amount of total fund

Apple Scoops Up To Pack More Smarts Into Apple TV

Apple may still keep us guessing over whether it will ever make a physical Apple TV set, but it’s clearly strengthening its play for the living room, by becoming the conduit between us and the s

Video Discovery Service Matcha Disappears, Co-Founder Promises ‘Something Better’ In The Future

Over the last few days, the website for video-discovery website has gone dark, and those who have downloaded the company's mobile app report that it's no longer working. Co-founder and CEO G

Matcha: A Social TV Guide And Movie Recommendation Engine That Doesn't Suck

<img src="" />Netflix is great. I feel like I have to say that, now that it's the single largest source of <a href="https://techcrunch.c