• Google Backs Biggest U.S. Offshore Wind Project

    Google Backs Biggest U.S. Offshore Wind Project

    Continuing its strategy of using its cash to kickstart renewable energy businesses, Google is now backing the largest U.S. offshore wind farm project to date. The Atlantic Wind Connection is a proposed string of offshore wind turbines that will stretch 350 miles off the Atlantic coast from Virginia to New Jersey. Once completed, the project will produce 6,000 megawatts of power, which is… Read More

  • New technology helps to remotely monitor the health of the elderly around the clock

    Remote monitoring systems for the elderly are nothing new, but Japanese conglomerate Marubeni‘s technology seems to be particularly advanced. And unlike you might think, it’s not based on robotics, but on a sensor system. It enables families and medical institutions to remotely check the health of older people around the clock – as long as the person in question keeps wearing… Read More

  • New wooden cases and speakers for the iPod

    Tokyo-based Marubeni Infotec [JP] sells two new stylish accessories for the iPod classic/nano/Touch. At the beginning of next month, the so-called “Alle STACK for iPod” speakers (1Wx2) will be rolled out for prices between $93 (for the iPod nano) and $102 (for the iPod classic). Marubeni promises high sound quality because they used precious wood to manufacture the speakers… Read More