marketplace lending

Enjoy the return and watch for unemployment

Those of us interested in marketplace lending have recently observed many pejorative headlines about P2P lending platforms, which mostly reported on Lending Club’s recent difficulties, but also crit

Alternative lenders aren’t going away, they’re just misunderstood

What a difference a year makes. In 2015, Lending Club was a marketplace-lending leader with a $7 billion market cap, and the media was heralding the approaching tech-enabled lending revolution. Now, w

Why transparency would have saved us from the 2008 financial collapse

From my desk at Bear Stearns, where I’d traded mortgage-backed securities for years, I watched as the financial and housing markets crashed in 2008. A few months later, there was no Bear, and my new

How will marketplace lending become a mainstream investment asset class?

A friend who recently started his own business couldn’t obtain a mortgage from three banks. I suggested he try marketplace lending platforms like SoFi to take advantage of the ongoing innovation in

A Look At The Marketplace Lending Originator Ecosystem

At the end of 2015, Canaan hosted its first FinTech Central event, which included a panel that had leaders from across the marketplace lending originator ecosystem. A marketplace lending originator is

The Evolving Nature Of P2P Lending Marketplaces

In March 2014, The Economist published Banking without banks, declaring that peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms were set to disrupt banks and other traditional sources of capital by directly conn