The Promise Of 5G

The evolution of personal communication has fundamentally altered the everyday lives of most people on our planet. Armed with a smartphone connected to a seemingly infinite ocean of information, enter

Creating A Universal Remote Control For Business Communications

In the ultimate paradox, we have spent the last several years untethering our workforces while technically intertwining our personal and professional lives. Yet, for many, the notion of BYOD often res

Convergence In The Internet Of Things Is Priming The Tech World For A Major Cultural Shift

To anyone who is tuned into the tech world, it should not come as earth shattering news that machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and the Internet of Things have hit a major convergence point in the te

BlackBerry Reveals Project Ion, Its QNX-Powered Effort To Underpin The Internet Of Things

BlackBerry is mostly discussed in terms of its slow decline in the global smartphone market, which it once pioneered. But it acquired QNX in 2010, and that would provide the basis not only for its Bla

M2M Standard, Weightless, Cements Industry Support For White Spaces With SIG Backed By ARM, Cable & Wireless Worldwide, CSR, Neul

Another Internet of Things-related development today: Neul has cemented some high profile industry support for Weightless, its would-be global, open, royalty-free standard for M2M comms which utilizes