The Luminox XCOR 5261 Chronograph wants to send you (and your wrist) to space

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Your Wrist, whose bold 80+ year mission is to help you carry grocery bags and wear watches like the Luminox XCOR 5261 Chronograph. This

Not Quite Smart, The Luminox ANU Chronograph Is At Least Quite Bright

This weekend’s watch review comes to us from Luminox, a manufacturer well-known for their amazingly bright luminescent hands and pips. Luminox uses small tubes of tritium coated with phosphor. A

Taking A Ride With The Luminox P-38 Valjoux Automatic 9461 Chronograph

Luminox is best known for their no-nonsense three-handed quartz models with unique Tritium tubes on the hands. These amazingly bright and compact watches are popular with military and police. But what

Luminox Colormark Chrono Watch Review

<img src="">Amazing is the comfort level of the watch, as well as the refinement for the price. This isn't a lux