• Lumier Adds A New Coat Of Paint To Windows

    If you’re looking to give Windows a facelift with some interesting UI tweaks, you may be interested in Lumier, a new startup that just presented at TechCrunch Disrupt. The company quietly raised a seed round from some top-tier angels like SV Angel and Founders Fund without sharing much about its future plans — now we have a better idea of what they do. Founder Cullen Dudas, who… Read More

  • Secretive Seattle Startup Lumier Co. Raises Top Tier Angel Round

    I first met Cullen Dudas, the teenage founder of Lumier Co., at an event I spoke at in Seattle last summer. As I came off stage I wanted to make a quick exit. Cullen cornered me and asked if he could tell me about his startup. I said sure if we could talk while we walked. The experience was memorable because he even followed me into the bathroom to continue to pitch me. The bathroom was full… Read More