Lucky is bringing brands, retailers together with its take on product merchandising

Lucky's plug-and-play API gives e-commerce brands visibility of its products on retailer store shelves to offer local fulfillment options.

US Patent Office’s Michelle Lee shows us that patenting an invention doesn’t have to be expensive, hard

I was lucky to speak with Michelle K. Lee, current director of the US Patent Office and a great proponent of small startups and innovation. Lee said that the patent office has a number of free resourc

Not So Lucky Supermarket Customers Get Hacked

Customers who used the self-checkout lanes at Lucky Supermarkets have been hacked. The grocer, which operates stores in California, says some of their credit card machines have been altered with snif

Halo 3 Video: My WiLL Be Done My buddy Chris “D-Wars: Freestyle” K. sent this to me yesterday and I didn’t really think anything of it because I still haven’t playe