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Wikipedia blames malicious DDoS attack after site goes down across Europe, Middle East

Wikipedia was forced offline in several countries Friday after a cyber attack hit the global encyclopedia. Users across Europe and parts of the Middle East experienced outages shortly before 7pm, BST,

Utah man pleads guilty to causing 2013 gaming service outages

A Utah man has pleaded guilty to computer hacking charges, after admitting to knocking several gaming services offline five years ago. Austin Thompson, 23, launched several denial-of-service attacks a

Malaysia Airlines Site Hacked By Lizard Squad

Hacker group Lizard Squad, which <a href="">took down Xbox Live and the Sony Playstation Network</a> last month, have cl

Lizard Squad’s Plaintext Customer List Leaked As Another Member Is Arrested

The Lizard Squad, the group of hackers credited with taking down Xbox Live and PSN over the holiday, have been compromised and much of their data leaked. Brian Krebs received a listing of the Lizard S

The Lizard Squad’s “Lizard Stresser” Service Runs On Hacked Routers

Security expert Brian Krebs has analyzed the Lizard Stresser, an attack tool created by the so-called Lizard Squad hacker collective and touted as a test for webmins who needed to see what happens to

U.K. Police Arrest Alleged Lizard Squad Hacker

Vinnie Omari, alleged member of the Lizard Squad, the hacking crew that took down both Xbox Live and the Playstation Network on Christmas, was arrested in Twickenham on December 31. Omari provided det