• Valve CEO Gabe Newell Says Linux Is The Future Of Gaming, Hints At SteamBox Announcement

    Valve CEO Gabe Newell Says Linux Is The Future Of Gaming, Hints At SteamBox Announcement

    In his keynote today at Linuxcon, Valve CEO and Founder Gabe Newell said Linux is the future of gaming and hinted about the announcement next week of a gaming box built on the open-source operating environment. As proof of Linux bright future Newell pointed to Steam, the company’s online platform. Since it launched last Spring, developers have created 198 games on the platform. Read More

  • LinuxCon 2012: OpenStack and Open Clouds

    LinuxCon 2012: OpenStack and Open Clouds

    At LinuxCon and CloudOpen this week, attendees are being bombarded with cloud, cloud, cloud. Most of the cloud goings-on revolve around OpenStack, the open source infrastructure-as-a-service project started by Rackspace and NASA. Today SUSE announced their SUSE Cloud product, which is a commercially supported version of OpenStack integreated with SUSE Linux. Red Hat has an unsupported… Read More

  • LinuxCon: Open Source is an Ecosystem, not a Zero Sum Game

    LinuxCon: Open Source is an Ecosystem, not a Zero Sum Game

    Linux and open source development is not a zero sum game. This was the explicit message from Ubuntu Technical Architect Allison Randal’s keynote speech at LinuxCon, but the sentiment had been articulated in a number of ways all week long from everyone here. The processes by which a company makes great open source software improve the world for everyone. “Free software is a… Read More

  • LinuxCon: All About Clouds

    LinuxCon: All About Clouds

    Almost every single keynote at LinuxCon, and certainly every private conversation I had with folks here, involved “cloud” in some way. As Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst observed in his keynote, there’s no single definition of “cloud”. There’s no doubt that Amazon has really pioneered the default cloud offering, but there’s a lot of work going on to… Read More

  • Red Hat CEO At LinuxCon: I Have No Idea What’s Next

    Red Hat CEO At LinuxCon: I Have No Idea What’s Next

    Jim Whitehurst, CEO of Red Hat, just delivered a terrific opening keynote presentation for LinuxCon. Whitehurst isn’t just a businessman, he’s also a geek. He used Linux and open source before joining Red Hat, and the opportunity to be CEO of the world’s most successful open source company was a dream come true for him. After a quick summary of some of the major milestones… Read More

  • Voting Now Open For Linux Foundation T-Shirt Contest

    The Linux Foundation‘s 20th anniversary of Linux celebration is happening in August at LinuxCon. As part of the buildup to the big shindig they had a t-shirt design contest for LinuxCon. The creator of the winning design will get a free trip to LinuxCon to rub elbows with the likes of Linux creator Linus Torvalds himself. In addition, the winning design will be the official shirt of… Read More

  • LinuxCon is heading to Brazil in August

    LinuxCon, the big Linux conference put on by the Linux Foundation, is heading to Sao Paulo, Brazil this year. This makes the third location for regional LinuxCon events after Boston, Mass in the U.S.A. an Tokyo, Japan in Asia. Why Brazil? “Brazil leads many other countries in its adoption of Linux and is a growing base of development. The time is right to take the industry’s… Read More

  • LinuxCon keynote speakers announced

    The Linux Foundation has announced the first round of keynote speakers for LinuxCon, their annual Linux conference. The line up this year includes some interesting folks, including Stormy Peters, executive director of the GNOME Foundation, and Ravi Simhambhatla, CIO for Virgin America. In addition to a “Linux Kernel Roundtable” with notable kernel maintainers there will also be… Read More

  • I'm Linux, you're Linux, we're all Linux!

    I’ve been a full-time Linux user since 1999. I’ve been an advocate for Linux and Free Software for most of that time. My advocacy efforts usually stay within my social group, or at FreeGeek Columbus, though occasionally I’ll use my posts here to support the penguin. Linux, as an open source project developed by an ad-hoc group of people, often with competing agendas, has… Read More