line 6

  • Review: POD X3 Digital Guitar Amp Modeler

    As immature as it sounds, I was originally suspect of Line 6 products because I did not like the name of their Variax guitar line. (Whew, glad that’s off my chest). But while working on an audio project a while back, I picked up a Line 6 TonePort UX2 amp simulator/tone modeler in order to record some guitar parts. I bought the TonePort because it was cheaper than its competition and… Read More

  • Line 6 releases POD Studio and POD Farm

    Getting live audio into your PC isn’t very hard – most cards have an audio in that works just fine. But what if you want lots of quarter-inch jacks, XLR, and a bunch of knobs? Well, then you need the POD Studio line from Line 6. Line 6 makes amps, recorders, and modelers for musicians and this $280 device, the UX2, isn’t amazingly expensive and should run some good audio… Read More

  • Line 6 BackTrack records your music in a tiny package

    This tiny little device has 1/4-inch guitar inputs as well as a built-in microphone, allowing you to plug in a guitar and sing along with your favorite Jack Johnson tunes and then keep those selfsame recordings for the police when they discover you’ve been stalking the adult-pop singer for months and that the notes you’ve been sending him have been laced with PCP. Line 6 offers… Read More