• Here, Star Wars, I Fixed Your ‘Force Awakens’ Lightsaber Crossguard For You

    Here, Star Wars, I Fixed Your ‘Force Awakens’ Lightsaber Crossguard For You

    The first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer features all kinds of things that make my diehard Star Wars soul quiver and dance, but the crossguard on the dark side lightsaber spotted in the teaser, while initially cool, increasingly isn’t one of them. It looks ultimately very impractical, and I couldn’t help but to offer some engineering tips for the weapon’s designer. Read More

  • Badminton Played By Jedi

    Lightsabers: Able to make a man’s sport out of anything including badminton. Jokes, all jokes, because played right, badminton will melt your face with awesomeness. [via Geekologie] Read More

  • Video: Two gentlemen having a lightsaber battle, for fun.

    The Man has requested that I put this video here for your entertainment. Then I brought up that the video is two years old—that’s like 2 million years old in Internet Time. “Eh, go for it anyway.” Can do, chief. Read More

  • Slow news day: Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates This is probably old, but it’s really, really slow today, so I’ve been playing this for the last 30 minutes. Thanks to the fine folks at Super News. Read More

  • Epic Duel: Anakin vs. Obi-Wan

    I know you can watch the video of the fight, but I thought I’d include the photos as well. These guys were really, really good and I could have sworn that the character actor playing Anakin was Hayden Chistensen. Enjoy the gallery. Be sure to stop by the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and check out the exhibit for yourself. It runs until May 4th. Want to know why it ends that day? Read More

  • The non-dead Sam Jackson is rolling over in his non-existent grave

    This is for the hardcore Star Wars buffs in the audience. Do you notice anything wrong with this picture? No? How about the Jedi on the far left? Still not getting it? Well, you’re not much of a Star Wars fan then. Heh. See, the supposed Jedi on the left has a purple lightsaber and that’s a big no-no. Sam Jackson, who played by Mace Windu, personally requested a purple… Read More