• Convergence! Fancy lighter packs an 8GB USB drive, costs $35

    If you’re dedicated to smoking or camping (or smoking while camping), then there’s a good chance you’ve purchased a nice refillable metal lighter in the past. But the past is the past and sooner or later you’ll need to step into the future (which, coincidentally, will almost immediately become the past). Whatever happens, please take with you the knowledge that there… Read More

  • Contest: Who would buy this?

    From Brando: Millennium Series Pistol Lighter! Come with White LED and Bank Note detector. Your mission: describe the person who would buy this. I’ll send you something from the pile o’ gadgets in my office. I’m thinking female drug dealer working at a Times Square electronics store. Read More

  • Lighter doubles as an 8GB flash drive

    Here’s the perfect complement to the USB flash drive with built-in bottle opener we told you about a few weeks ago. It’s a Zippo-style lighter with 8GB of storage and a USB connection — because you can never have lighter fluid too close to your computer. It costs $60, which might seem a bit steep, but if you’re still smoking in this day and age, you’ve no… Read More