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Another LEGO Batman character revealed!

We have been following LEGO Batman closely and Warner just revealed to us the latest character. Alfred Pennyworth is joining Batman as a skilled sidekick. Kind of looks like Oddjob though… Scree

More Lego Batman impressions: It's fun!

Attention, Batman and video game fans. Rock, Paper, Shotgun, the dandiest gaming blog out there, has given its professional opinion (two opinions, actually) on Lego Batman, a game we’ve covered

Video: ‘LEGO Batman’ trailer

Here’s some footage from the LEGO Batman game that’s set to hit various platforms in September. You can play as the good guys or the bad guys. Speaking of bad guys, Killer Moth and Mad Hatter were

New LEGO Batman character revealed

And it’s Two Face. Check out gameplay footage from Warner’s upcoming LEGO Batman after the jump.