led zeppelin

  • Led Zeppelin Radio returns to Sirius XM Radio

    Flickr’d Sirius XM will launch Led Zeppelin Radio on November 1, marking the second year in a row that satellite radio subscribers have had such a channel. It’ll be on channel 12 on Sirius and channel 39 on XM. Also like last year’s channel, Led Zeppelin Radio isn’t merely going to broadcast “Stairway” over and over again—Sirius XM promises that… Read More

  • XM Led Zeppelin going on a break for some of this year

    [photopress:xmbyeled.jpg,full,right] The Led Zeppelin channel on XM will go silent in two days. Once Friday, March 7 rolls around, XM channel 59 will go on hiatus until later in the year. XM doesn’t say why the channel is going away, but it sorta stinks because summer is right around the corner, meaning that your local classic rock station will ignore everything but… Read More

  • Led Zeppelin takes the bullet train to Squaresville?

    Led Zeppelin gets a bustle in their hedgerow and demands that grainy, shaky, short clips or their reunion show be taken off of video sharing sites like YouTube. The band’s label, Warner Music, is "making the takedown requests to users of YouTube and other services hosting the clips on behalf of the band." It’s widely believed to have something to do with a live concert… Read More

  • Led Zeppelin returns: Block YouTube today, bosses

    Led Zeppelin, a small, British indie band, performed live for the first time in a minute in London yesterday. In the interest of culture, I’m linking this video for your benefit. My guess is you’ll be able to troll YouTube all day today for similar videos, but this should be a good start. They don’t sound too bad. LEDgendary: Zep can still rock [The Sun] Read More

  • XM launches Led Zeppelin channel called XM LED

    These are interesting times to be a satellite radio fan. Yeah, there’s that merger hanging over the industry’s head (let them merge, I say), but Sirius and XM are now experimenting with artist-specific channels. XM LED, which launches today and lasts through next May, is a Led Zeppelin-only channel that will features every damn thing the band has ever released. OK, maybe not all… Read More

  • Zeppelin releasing full catalog online

    If I didn’t pirate so much and have every Zep album already, I’d be pretty damned psyched about this news. Seems Page and Plant managed to settle whatever differences they had and are now agreeing to release every Led Zeppelin album online. Think it’s just coming to Apple’s iTunes? Think again. The band is planning on offering digital distribution of its music… Read More

  • The Song Remains The Same: Zeppelin Coming To iTMS

    Ramble on! Been using other online music services lately? iTunes Music Store just not floating your boat? That’s OK. Apple sucks every once in awhile, but now there’s reason to come back to Jobs & Co’s beloved cash crop. Led Zeppelin will be releasing “Mothership”, the ultimate collection of tracks from everyone’s favorite stoner band. The hits will… Read More