• Eight New Startups Pop Out Of The LaunchBox

    Washington DC based LaunchBox Digital, an early stage investment firm and incubator founded in 2007 by John McKinley, Sean Green, and Julius Genachowski (now the new head of the FCC and divested from LaunchBox), just wrapped up its second annual 12-week program. Modeled after Y Combinator, LaunchBox invests seed capital of around $20,000-$25,000 into teams, and provides them with 12 weeks… Read More

  • Atlanta Gets Its Own Y Combinator In Shotput Ventures

    Silicon Valley has Y Combinator. Boulder, Colorado (and now Boston) has TechStars. Boston also as of today has Start@Spark. Washington, D.C. has LaunchBox Digital. Philadelphia has DreamIT Ventures. And now Atlanta is joining the seed incubator movement with Shotput Ventures. Started by a group of Atlanta tech entrepreneurs who want to attract and keep startup talent in the Southeast… Read More

  • Startup Launch: Buzzable Creates Twitter Groups Around RSS Feeds (500 Invites)

    One of the most requested features for Twitter is the ability to create groups. While users wait (and wait and wait) for Twitter to add this feature, a number of startups are going ahead and showing how it should be done. The latest of these is a LaunchBox Digital startup called Buzzable which just launched today. Buzzable lets you create Twitter groups around RSS feeds, and does so in a… Read More

  • LaunchBox Digital '09 Now Taking Applications

    LaunchBox Digital a startup incubator similar to Y Combinator that offers founders small amounts of seed funding and a mentorship program in exchange for equity stakes of around 4-8%, is now accepting applications for its class of 2009. The incubator will accept up to ten startups, who will be invited to a 12-week program in Washington D.C. where they’ll receive advice from a number… Read More

  • LaunchBox Unleashes Its First Nine Startups

    What does $25,000 and 12 weeks get you? If you are a startup funded by LaunchBoxDigital, it gets you a working alpha or beta site. Based in Washington, D.C., LaunchBox is the latest seed-fund incubator to take the “Build ’em cheap and build ’em fast” approach to startup creation. (In the same vein as Y Combinator, SeedCamp and TechStars). LaunchBox gives small teams… Read More

  • LaunchBoxDigital Startup Incubator Raises Seed Round, Taking Applications

    Washington D.C. based LaunchBoxDigital, a Y Combinator-like startup incubator that will invest small amounts of capital in very early stage startup ideas, is now taking applications for their first program. They’ve also raised their own first round of funding – $250,000 from Jonathan Miller (former CEO, AOL), Reed Hundt (former FCC Chairman), Raul Fernandez (CEO Object Video)… Read More