Launch48 Build-A-Business-In-48-Hours Startup Event Returns To London For Another Caffeine-Fuelled Weekend

The Launch48 event for potential startups to get together and each build a completely new online or app business in just 48 hours is back in London this weekend, with space for 100 budding entrepreneu

Billed as an affordable TED, Launch48 brings The Inspire Conference to London

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From pitch to prototype, London's Launch48 produces four potential startups

<img src="" alt="" title="Picture 37" width="239" height="74" class="shot" />By now you probably know the format: Bring together entrepr

Launch48 Startups Present Their Ideas After 48 Hours Of Hacking

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So, good luck to all those startup teams attending Launch48 in London in a couple of weeks. What’s Launch48 you say? Here’s the schpeel: Launch48 runs events for people who want to try to