• Video: Amazing Mini Humanoid Rides Bicycle

    Video: Amazing Mini Humanoid Rides Bicycle

    We’ve shown you robots completing various tasks in the past, but this new model, a small hobby humanoid, can ride a bicycle like a human being. It’s not the first of its kind (Murata’s robot and Panasonic’s EVOLTA robot come to mind), but the model that’s pictured on the left costs just US$2,220 in its standard configuration. Dr. Guero [JP] from Japan modified… Read More

  • Videos: Japanese Spider-Bot Hexapod Up And Close

    Do you remember Hexapod, the six-legged robot from Japan that we have shown you earlier this month? It’s maker now has released a few more technical details [JP] and also published two demo movies on its site, which are pretty cool (the spider-like sounds the Hexapod can make are especially terrifying). Read More

  • Video: Hexapod Spider-bot

    Spider-like robots are nothing new per se, but the newest model, developed by Tokyo-based robot maker Kondo [JP] looks pretty cool. The so-called Hexapod has six legs (of course), is powered by a 10.8V 800mAh Ni-MH battery, and (most important of all) it moves much like a real spider. Read More

  • Videos: Three Super-Quick Mini Humanoids

    One weak point many humanoid robots have in common is that they move too slow, including most super-advanced models. But a robot event, which recently took place in Japan, shows that there are some exceptions. Read More

  • Video: Mini Humanoid "KHR-3HV Black"

    Japanese robot maker Kondo today announced [JP] a new mini humanoid, the so-called “KHR-3HV Black”. As the name suggests, this limited edition robot comes in black, which is a very good choice, given how cool the little guy looks. Read More

  • Meet Kame Robotto, the world's first turtle robot (video)

    We’ve covered a number of weird robots on CrunchGear in the past, but this one’s a first. Meet Kame Robotto, which is probably the world’s first turtle robot (kame means robot in Japanese). Made by Tokyo-based robot venture Kondo [JP], the robot is actually sold as the first of a series of “animal robots” that Kondo plans to roll out in the next few months. Read More