• Quirky Is A Social Network For Product Development

    Have you ever thought of a quirky but innovative product that might be useful to the masses but didn’t follow through with the idea? Sometimes these flashes of genius get lost in the shuffle. Startup quirky is hoping to be the platform for product ideas that are born on napkin doodles and in other unorthodox ways. The site then tries to use crowdsourcing to develop the product, by… Read More

  • Kluster Launches Private Survey Manager

    Kluster, the crowd sourcing startup that launched earlier this year, has introduced support for new private Klusters designed to help groups manage decision making. Each Kluster offers users a chance to ask a group a question (say, “What features should go into the new TechCrunch tablet?”). Each participating member is then categorized from the administrator panel – in… Read More

  • The Crowd Takes On Naming Consultants With NameThis

    Let me just say before I begin that I think everyone should come up with their own names. I could never understand why companies pay naming consultants to come up with empty product or company monikers that nobody can remember anyway. (Unless you are Altria, and you just want people to forget that you are really Phillip Morris). Well, now companies can ask strangers on the Internet to… Read More

  • First Look: Kluster's Market Approach to Crowdsourcing

    Crowdsourcing may work for Wikipedia, but few commercial companies have figured out how to make it work for them. The basic concept is to get outsiders, preferably customers, to swarm together to design a product or complete some other project. Crowdsourcing is quickly becoming a crowded field—there’s Innocentive, Cambrian House, the soon-to-launch CrowdSpirit, and Ideablob, to… Read More