king jim

  • Video: iPhone-optimized Notepads

    Japanese stationery company King Jim is offering printed notepads [JP] specifically aimed at iPhone owners. The idea here is to make it easier to digitize, store and organize handwritten text for smartphone users, a concept King Jim calls “Shot Note”. Read More

  • Pitrec: Handheld to digitize business cards

    It’s 2010, and we’re still exchanging printed business cards. There are quite a few solutions to digitize the cards, but most existing scanners, for example, aren’t practical enough. This is where Pitrec [JP], a new handheld for digitizing business cards made by Japanese stationery maker King Jim, comes in. Read More

  • Pomera: Digital notebook with foldable keyboard (video)

    Japanese stationery maker King Jim announced the Pomera DM20 [JP] today, an ultra-compact handheld device that’s based on a “less is more” concept. The so-called digital notebook, which is unfortunately Japan-only at this point, is only made for one purpose: It lets you make notes. No email, no web access, no gaming, nothing but writing texts or quickly jotting down your… Read More

  • Pomera: Japan's new ultra-compact "digital memo" with foldable keyboard

    Tokyo-based stationery maker King Jim today introduced the Pomera, a Japan-only ultra-mobile handheld device, which is marketed as an add-on to notebooks and PCs. The Pomera is sized at just 145x100x30mm (weight: 370 grams) and features a slightly futuristic, foldable keyboard as the main selling point. When unfolded (King Jim says this just takes 2 seconds), users can type in characters on… Read More