RAVENAlert Lets College Kids Know When Emergencies Occur

<img src="" />Getting in touch with students can be tough, even during emergencies. Many colleges today send out emergency alerts via

Keychain-friendly screwdriver set actually looks somewhat useful

<img src="">Putting a screwdriver on a keychain isn’t an entirely new concept, but these “heat treated blackened

Bush Presidency Countdown Keychain: How Many Days, Minutes, Seconds Left in Office

Our current president is an unpopular president, there is little debating there. Because of this situation, some geniuses have put together these little digital keychains that countdown the days until

Japanese Keychain Fobs: Gizmo Never Looked So Great

Ahh, the Japanese — forever misreading cultural clues. These cellphone fobs are fairly cool. There’s a Gremling in there and some sort of green pea thing and a kewpie doll. But what’