• Keas Raises $6.5 Million To Turn A Healthy Lifestyle Into A Game

    The Health 2.0 space is getting super-exciting — between services like Practice Fusion, CakeHealth, Virgin Health and hardware plays like the Fitbit and UP, it finally seems like technology has caught up to some real world human problems that need solving. In yet another vote for the space, Health 2.0 innovator Adam Bosworth, who is most known as one of the creators of Google Health… Read More

  • Adam Bosworth Unveils Keas, The Game That Keeps You Healthy

    Adam Bosworth Unveils Keas, The Game That Keeps You Healthy

    After two years in stealth, Adam Bosworth is finally ready to start talking about his health startup Keas. Keas is not a Mint for health, although it began that way. Bosworth, who previously launched Google Health at Google and before that was known as the father of XML at Microsoft, founded Keas two years ago with $10 million from Ignition Partners and Atlas Venture. He thought he would… Read More

  • Google Health Adds Two More Insurers, Only Has 267 To Go

    Google announced today the addition of two new health insurance companies to its Google Health platform at the Health 2.0 – original naming FTW – event in San Francisco. The fact that the company is touting this addition on its main blog is telling because it cuts to the heart of the product’s main challenge. You see, Google Health – which enables you to store and… Read More