• AboutUs Buys Jyte, Aims To Spread The Cred Even More

    AboutUs, the wiki for anything that has its own website, has snapped up a tiny startup called Jyte, the company announced in a blog post moments ago. The terms weren’t disclosed, but you don’t need to consult any wikis to realize this is likely a very small deal. AboutUs is just getting started, having raised a relatively small amount of venture capital (most recently $2.5 million… Read More

  • Make a Claim with OpenID on Jyte

    Jyte is a new service that leverages OpenID to allow users to start a discussion on any “claim” they care to make. Other users can then vote and discuss those claims.  Users can give each other credibility points regarding any topic by tag.  It’s a nice, full featured site that could come in handy for all kinds of different discussions.  It’s more timely than… Read More