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  • Mophie Charge Force hands on

    Hands on with the Mophie Charge Force wireless charging system

    In launching its Charge Force wireless charging accessories last month, Mophie wanted to convince you that wireless charging was the future of everything that was lovely and good. On paper, it sounded like the perfect solution for people who can’t stand plugging in their phones every three seconds — but I decided to take a closer look to see whether it lived up to its hype. Read More

  • Mophie’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Juice Pack Gives You Ample Smartphone Life

    Mophie’s Samsung Galaxy S5 Juice Pack Gives You Ample Smartphone Life

    Mophie has a new Juice Pack out, designed for the Galaxy S5. The case packs a huge 3,000 mAh battery within its glossy shell, which is slightly larger than the 2,850 mAh unit within the Galaxy S5 itself. True, you could carry around a spare battery for the GS5 and pop the back whenever you want more power, but the Mophie’s extra juice is just a switch away, and it includes… Read More

  • Mophie starts shipping iPhone 3G juice packs

    That’s if you pre-ordered yours on or before September 8th, suckas. If you ordered beyond that date then don’t expect your juice pack to start shipping until the 30th of October. But be warned, consumers, for the juice pack for the iP3G is still awaiting its “Works for iPhone” Apple certification, which could effect shipping dates so maybe they should have held off, no? Read More

  • Mophie ‘Juice Pack’ for iPod Touch coming in August

    Already available for the iPhone, the Mophie Juice Pack will be available in an iPod Touch-friendly version next month. The $99 apparatus contains a lithium polymer battery and doubles as a soft-grip case that holds the Touch, giving it an extra seven hours of video playback or 24 hours of audio playback. That’s an entire day! You may recall that I took a look at the Richard Solo… Read More