• Atari-style USB joystick sports built-in emulator

    At first glance, $30 may seem like a lot for a one-button old school Atari joystick with a USB connection. But this one comes with the Stella Atari 2600 and 80 games built right in and you can remove the USB controller board for use with that MAME cabinet you’ve always wanted to build. There’s even labeled solder points on the board for adding additional buttons. Read More

  • Wireless Tekken 6 joysticks on the way for $150

    Tekken 6 is still several months away—October 27 is circled on most fighting game fans’ calendars, I suspect—,but Namco just took the wraps off the joystick for the 360 and PS3 versions. It’ll run $150, about $50 less than the Fancy Pants version of the Street Fighter IV joystick from MadCatz. The joystick is wireless, yes. Read More

  • Atari 2600 controller makes my heart melt

    At only $20, the LegacyEngineer controller is a pretty nice deal. Not only do you get a USB-powered Atari 2600 controller, you get a warm feeling that no, the 1980s did not pass you by and that no, spending most of your grade school years playing D&D and listening to the James Bond theme song album over and over on casette again (true story!) were not for naught. After all, now this… Read More

  • Maglev joystick developed at Carnegie Mellon

    Force feedback plus six dimensions of movement — I like what I’m hearing so far. This yet-to-be-named device has been in the workings for 11+ years by scientists at Carnegie Mellon University and uses a bowl-shaped apparatus connected to a joystick, all of which sits inside a larger bowl-shaped apparatus that magnetically levitates the smaller bowl. There are only ten such devices… Read More

  • New Shaft joystick for Wii invites penis jokes

    Back in the day, the NES Advantage was the arcade stick for the Nintendo. It mimicked the arcade-style controls almost perfectly, anyone who’s played the “arcade version” of TMNT knows that it was a lifesaver. Overline Gaming is bringing the idea back with the appropriately titled Shaft game controller, calling it the only arcade-type joystick for the Wii. We’re inclined… Read More