• Watch A Girl Named Isabella Unpack A New 3-D Printed Arm

    Watch A Girl Named Isabella Unpack A New 3-D Printed Arm

    At this point in the 3D-printing game it should be obvious why the tech exists and why we should all own 3D printers: because they can change lives. Nowhere is that point hammered home more than in videos featuring the E-nable arms. In this latest video a girl named Isabella gets an amazing purple and pink 3D-printed hand from a volunteer named Stephen Davies who built and delivered the arm… Read More

  • Fable, A Vaguely-Described Tablet For Kids

    Isabella Products, the folks that brought you the Vizit interactive picture frame are planning to bring your children a 7″ tablet called the “Fable”. Aside from built-in mobile broadband and a camera, no real technical details are available. The product will incorporate the “carousel” interface used by the Vizit picture frame. Apps include an e-reader with… Read More

  • Review and contest: Vizit, the first two-way, fully interactive digital photo frame

    We’ve reviewed a number of digital picture frames here at CrunchGear, and they each strive to fit a slightly different niche. Isabella’s new Vizit Frame brings some interesting new features to this crowded space. It sports a gorgeous 10.4″ touchscreen, 3G wireless connectivity, and the ability to send pictures from the frame to someone’s email address. It’s… Read More