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Proporta prepping universal iPod dock

Umm. I’m perfectly content with charging my iPod by plugging in the cable. I don’t need a dock to do that, Proporta. I don’t understand why you would even come out with one. Seriousl

Review: Richard Solo Smart Backup Battery for iPod

My kingdom for a dead-ass simple way to squeeze a little more juice out of my iPod Touch while I’m gallivanting across the globe living the life of a high-profile technology blogger. I need all

Review: Tannoy i30 iPod dock

[photopress:2297941649_5b4c534052_o.jpg,full,pp_image] We first saw Tannoy’s i30 iPod dock back in January at CES and now we’ve been able to play with it for an extended period of time. Ye

Patent Monkey: Skullcandy Patents LINK between Cell Phone and iPod

Skullcandy has been creating some interesting products such as their headphones, MP3 watches and backpacks. They were just issued their first patent on a personal portable integrator for a music playe

Hammacher Schlemmer iPod Speakers Go Swimming

Just in time for summer and pool weather, Hammacher Schlemmer has released wireless water-resistant iPod speakers. While you can’t really take them swimming, you can keep them poolside and not stres

Belkin’s TuneStudio Four-Channel Audio Mixer For iPod

Belkin hinted to us about a CES announcement for musicians and here it is: the Belkin TuneStudio. Designed for use with 5G iPods, the four-channel mixer lets you record digital audio directly to your

New iPod Speaker System Has An Outie

Those in the market for a higher-end iPod sound system will want to check out the $549 George, the first product to roll out from digital-audio manufacturer Chestnut Hill Sound. One of the edges it ha

Skin Your New Shuffle

I’m pretty sick of silver electronics, so I’m all in favor of these slick little covers from RhinoSkin for the 2G Shuffle. The iPod Shuffle Accents come in four colors—red, blue, gre

New iSoundCap: One More Way To Look Like A Tool

Vince reported on the knit iSoundCap last week, but the company just announced a new model for the holidays, which is pictured. It does all the same stuff the others in its lineup do: holds a Shuffle

Keyspan's Color iPod Remote, TuneView, Ships

This is the first time I’ve seen an iPod dock combined with a remote with a color screen that gives you full access over your iPod’s library. Which is cool, especially if you’ve conn

Otterbox Your 2G Nano

Another day, another iPod case. However, this one’s from Otterbox, which specializes in cases to do more than just prevent some scratches. The new 2G iPod nano case features an airtight seal for

iSymphony: Is There Room For One More iPod Dock?

If you went shopping for electronics this past weekend, you likely noticed the assorted piles and piles of accessories that are available for iPods. Hell, even a trip I made into an Apple store last n