Get A Yahoo Mash Invitation At InviteShare

Yahoo Mash, Yahoo’s new social network experiment, sent out the first batch of invitations moments ago. The service is invite only at this point. Get yours at InviteShare now. I am seeding the f

InviteShare In The Press

Associated Press writer Rachel Metz covers InviteShare, the company we acquired last month that lets users get hard-to-find invitations to private betas. I spoke to Rachel a couple of times while she

TechCrunch Acquires InviteShare

Getting invitations to private betas can be a frustrating experience for early adopters. If you don’t know someone who’s already in the beta it could end up being a very long wait. Over th

Get An Invite To Any Private Beta

One of the most frustrating things for early adopters like ourselves to deal with is the private, limited invitation beta. The startups seed a few invitations to their friends, and each new account ha