Investigatory Powers Bill

Yes, the U.K. now has a law to log web users’ browsing behavior, hack devices and limit encryption

2016 has been a very good year to bury very bad news. And political distractions perhaps explain why a bill that has been described as the most extreme surveillance legislation ever passed in a democr

UK parliament rubberstamps mass surveillance law

A controversial shoring up and expansion of state surveillance powers in the U.K. has been agreed upon by both houses of parliament, clearing the way for the formality of Royal Assent and the passing

UK heading towards era of parliament-approved mass surveillance

A controversial legislative framework that will strengthen and set in stone mass surveillance capabilities in the U.K. -- including authorizing state agents to hack devices/services en masse and requi

UK spy agencies’ bulk data practices ruled unlawful before 2015

The oversight court for the UK's intelligence and security agencies has ruled they operated unlawfully and breached domestic human rights law by harvesting bulk comms data and maintaining large databa

U.K. gov’t agrees to foreground privacy statement in surveillance bill

The U.K. government has agreed on an amendment to draft surveillance legislation aimed at strengthening the public perception of privacy safeguards by adding a statement of priority to the face of the

UK spy agencies’ use of mass surveillance backed by external reviewer

The UK government's independent reviewer of terrorism legislation has supported the inclusion of bulk collection powers contained within the controversial Investigatory Powers bill.

UK faces Human Rights challenge to state’s bulk hacking abroad

Privacy rights organization Privacy International has filed another legal challenge to the UK government's use of bulk hacking against foreigners. The filing, with the European Court of Human Rights,

Bulk data collection only lawful for fighting serious crime, says Europe’s top court

The European Court of Justice has issued a preliminary ruling on a data retention case brought by UK MPs and privacy rights groups seeking to challenge the government's data retention regime under DRI

UK surveillance bill includes powers to limit end-to-end encryption

The UK government has explicitly confirmed that a surveillance bill now making its way through the second chamber could be used to require a company to remove encryption. And even, in some circumstanc

UK surveillance bill’s logging of web activity a huge risk to privacy, peers warn

A former senior chief in the U.K.'s Met Police and now a Lib Dem peer in the House of Lords has warned about major risks to the privacy of web users' personal data from a provision in the Investigator

UK surveillance bill under fire as data security risk

A 2015 data breach of UK ISP TalkTalk should serve as a warning to the government that its proposed new surveillance legislation risks creating vulnerable pools of data that could be exploited by hack

UK surveillance bill passes House of Commons with bulk powers facing review

The UK government's controversial Investigatory Powers bill easily passed a vote in the House of Commons yesterday, with 444 votes in favor and 69 against, after securing support from the opposition L

New Snowden document reveals UK spy agency warned of ‘too much data’ risk in 2010

Another document from the original cache leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden in 2013 has just been published by The Intercept, and it further bolsters the view that government intelligence agen

UK surveillance bill “too broadly drafted”, says human rights committee

Another parliamentary committee that has been scrutinizing UK surveillance legislation currently before parliament says changes are needed to remove concerns the Investigatory Powers Bill would afford

UK surveillance bill’s controversial bulk powers to be reviewed

The UK government has agreed to an independent review of so called "bulk collection" -- aka mass surveillance -- powers in proposed new surveillance legislation, one of the most controversial elements

Can this video parody get Brits to care about online privacy?

After John Oliver used humor to tackle the U.S. surveillance reform debate last year, to try to get Americans to care about online privacy -- via the mass medium of, er, dick pics -- U.K. comedy duo C

More calls for privacy safeguards in UK surveillance legislation

The official opposition Labour party in the UK has again called on the government to make changes to draft surveillance legislation to improve privacy safeguards.

Draft U.K. surveillance powers bill takes more flak at second reading

Proposed new UK surveillance powers are getting a second reading in parliament today, as the government seeks to update and extend the law in this area before the end of the year.

UK surveillance powers bill needs “substantial changes,” warns opposition Labour party

The UK government is continuing to try to push much criticized surveillance powers legislation through parliament, with the bill in question -- the Investigatory Powers bill -- getting its second read

UK surveillance powers bill could force startups to bake in backdoors

While the Apple vs FBI court battle has drawn all eyes to the question of what should be considered 'reasonable assistance' for companies to provide law enforcement agencies, over in the UK the govern
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