Dell Mini-Inspiron specs a-leaked: Doesn't seem too bad at all

Well I’ll be—the Dell Mini-Inspiron doesn’t look half bad. Gizmodo broke into Dell headquarters, beat up the security guard, and stole the full spec sheet for the Internet’s en

Dell’s 13-inch Inspiron laptops coming in August

My rule for purchasing laptops (or for recommending laptops to family and friends): nothing over five pounds. That’s been unfortunate for Dell, as I haven’t been able to recommend many of the comp

Dell to sell sub-$1,000 BR notebook

Dell is selling the Inspiron 1525 for a mere $879 — a little more than what a nicer BR player currently costs. The 1525 has a 15.4-inch screen with 720p resolution and an HDMI port. The improved

Dell Responds to Complaints About Color Inspiron Line

Lionel Menchaca over at Dell is a great guy. He represents Dell to the blog-world and takes the heat, makes the meetings, and spreads the love the best he can. I’ve been working with him for yea

Dell Experiencing Shipping Delays, Again

Let this be a lesson to all of you. Dell struggles when it comes to shipping things in a timely manner and who really wants a bloated 7-pound laptop? This time around it’s the XPS M1330 and Insp

Hands On With Dell's New Inspiron, XPS Notebooks

Earlier today we introduced you to the new of Inspirons and now we have a few snaps of what they, and the XPS notebooks look like up close. Although the new additions to the XPS line are elegantly des