• Wait, so multitouch technology isn't the end-all, be-all for laptops?

    There’s a quick little piece on multitouch technology on Wired right now, and it questions the conventional wisdom that says multitouch technology will do to laptops what it’s done to cellphones. (That is, multitouch, as seen on the iPhone, is the hot, new input mechanism that everyone wants to date.) “Questions”? Yes, not everyone is so sure that multitouch will make… Read More

  • Apple patent shows entire new language developed for multi-touch displays

    A recent patent application by Apple details the company’s interest in expanding the number of gestures its multi-touch displays can recognize. Right now, there’s but so many gestures you can tap out on your iPhone or MacBook Pro: zoom in and out, rotate, pan around, etc. This patent, which is called ”gesture learning,” shows that Apple has developed an entire language… Read More