• First look: InFocus SP8602 home theater projector

    The InFocus SP8602 is a big, bad home theater projector. It’s hanging from my ceiling, hooked up to a Harmon Kardon Blu-ray player and a TiVo HD. Needless to say, life is good at the Burns homestead. Click through for my initial impressions of this $5,000 1080p projector. Read More

  • InFocus aims new Thin Display Series flat screens at boardrooms, schools

    InFocus is under new management and ready to thrive again. The company is now more lean and ready to strike at the flat screen market. But not with a home AV flat screen or even a dedicated signage panel, but rather with a boardroom flat screen set that blends the low price of a consumer-grade TV with many of the features found in a commercial model. This is big for InFocus. Read More

  • The InFocus DisplayLink Wireless system cuts the cord between Macs and InFocus projectors

    One of the most frustrating things about using a projector is setting up all the cords. You have to connect the video, probably the audio (at least in a business setting) and get the whole thing up and running. If you have a Mac, life gets even more complicated due to the lack of an HDMI or DVI port, which is the industry standard for projectors. InFocus is fixing all that with their new… Read More

  • InFocus (a projector company, btw) sold for $39 million

    InFocus was once one of the biggest names in the projector market, but they company has been mysteriously quite over the last year or two. (I wondered why there was an InFocus booth at CEDIA in 2008.) Probably cause things weren’t going all that well at InFocus HQ. Hopefully now that the company was picked up by Holdings Corporation for about $0.95 a share or $39 million, we’ll… Read More

  • InFocus launches Play Big IN1 gaming projector on Woot

    Forget about LCD and plasma big screens. Projectors are the way to go. Especially when you’re tight on space. Who wants to play Halo 3 or any game on a small ass 42- or 50-inch screen when you can play on something over 100-inches? Well, InFocus has announced the Play Big IN1 Gaming projector, which features multiple S-video, component and composite inputs for DVD players and consoles. Read More

  • InFocus' New IN12 Ultraportable Projector

    Oh boy, I can’t wait for the next bi-monthly strategic planning meeting. That’s when I get to whip out my new InFocus IN12 mobile projector with “extraordinarily adjustable 1.4x zoom lens.” Read More

  • InFocus Introduces Fresh 1080p DLP Projector

    Just dropped $500 on that fancy Blu-ray player and want to get the most out of it? Try out the InFocus Play Big IN82 projector and see if it holds up to your high standards. This $5500 bad boy uses a single DarkChip3 processor to achieve native 1080p playback with Blu-ray and HD DVD. Throw in HDMI 1.3 and you have yourself one hell of a home theater. What makes the IN82 shine though is the… Read More