Japan gets inexpensive, yet innovative solar cells

Japanese companies Gunze and Dai Nippon Printing are each developing new technologies that make it possible to produce low-cost, pigment-sensitized solar cells. Gunze focuses on low-end solar cells th

Pentax introduces two inexpensive 10 megapixel digital cameras

Today Pentax unveiled [JP] the Optio M60, a 10.1 megapixel digital camera to be released in Japan August 22. In the US, a slightly similar camera will be released in October (as the Optio E60). The ca

HD-DVD Wins: $299 Player On The Way

Wal-Mart and China have teamed up and this time it’s not to bring you cheap clothing at a reduced price. Walton & Co. have acquired 2 million HD-DVD players from the Great Wall Corporation,